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Tens of millions of people bet on these top 5 sports every day

Tens of millions of people bet on these top 5 sports every day

If you are new to the world of sports gambling, and want to start by gambling on the top five sports, these five are definitely where you should start.


Before you do, however, make sure you understand the rules of each game, as there is little point betting on a sport you do not understand.


Football — Football, which is only called soccer by Americans, is the world’s most popular game. Several billion people call themselves fans of the game, and hundreds of millions of them bet on football games every year with online bookkeepers like https://gclubbz.net/สมัคร-gclub.


People like to gamble on games they both enjoy watching, and games they understand. That is why football will always be the top sport to bet on, simply because it has the most fans, and because there are tens of thousands of matches played every day.


Cricket — When you talk about the top five sports to bet on, cricket may be at the bottom of your list, but it shouldn’t be.


In fact, hundreds of millions of people around the world follow cricket, and tens of millions of them bet on it.


Cricket became popular due to the British introducing it to other countries during the days of the British Empire. When the British left, many countries kept some of the things that had been introduced to them, including cricket.


American football — While American football has not spread anywhere near as far as the British version of the game, it has spread to countries like Canada, Japan and the United Kingdom.


With millions of Americans gambling on the game every year, and Canadians, Japanese and Brits enjoy watching and betting, American football has become one of the top five sports to bet on. Many games are played during the season, so there are always plenty of opportunities for gambling.


Horse racing — The history of horse racing goes back as far as Ancient Greece and Egypt, and has been around in one form or another since those times.


In the thousands of years since it first began, horse racing has been introduced around the globe until just about every country nowadays has it.


This has made horse racing one of the top five sports to bet on due to both its popularity, and because there are always races to gamble on.


Tennis — The popularity of tennis has skyrocketed in the last 20 or 30 years. Much of this is to do with both the personalities that play the game, the famous tournaments that are held every year and the large amounts of prize money that can be won.


Tennis is also one of the top five sports to bet on due to the many matches and tournaments to gamble on, and to the enormous number of things you can bet on during any particular match.

Rules of DOmino QQ (Casino Game)

A Few Simple Facts About Playing Domino QQ Online and Off


DominoQQ is not your standard online poker game. There are some variations to the rules you should learn before you play. Now, today, I will be discussing some lesser-known facts about the game, including some additional strategies and formulas you can use.


1)Playing With People


You can still play with others with this game. It is encouraged. The one thing you might want to do is play multiple tables, at one time, but not too many. The idea is to play within your means. The last thing you want is to play so many Domino QQ games that you become overwhelmed. The game is supposed to be fun, bot stressful.


I suggest you begin with a low-bet wager. The idea is not to jump into the deep end too quickly, especially when you Domino QQ with a lot of people. Too many deep wagers early in the game can increase your odds of losing.


2)The Number of Hands


Some players get overexcited about the number of games you can play with Domino QQ. Now, you can play as many as you want, as I mentioned above, but the idea is not to go more than 30 hands. The limit is 30 hands per hours. Casino dealers do not even encourage players to go over that. Now, that is with a physical casino.


Do you want to try your luck online?


Try playing between 60-80 hands per hour. That is how extreme it can get. Once more, I suggest you start slowly. You want to improve your skills before you try your luck at multiple hands at a time.


Remember, that slow and steady, in some respects, wins the race with Domino QQ. You want to be careful, but not too careful. The idea is to have fun, not let it ruin your life in the process.

How To Play Domino QQ

How To Play Domino QQ

What Is Domino QQ

Domino QQ is a poker game that is most commonly played in Indonesia and this game is closer related to pai gow. Domino QQ is also called Domino Indo. Domino QQ and pai gow both revolve around using dominoes as the gambling tool instead of cards. It is reported by players across the world that the game can be difficult initially but once you get the hang of it it is addicting and also fun.

The Rules Of Domino QQ

When an individual is considering playing any game weather it is for money or for free the rules of the game must first be understood. When it comes to playing bandarqiu the first step is to know that the Indonesian dominoes are not like the dominoes here in the United States. The difference in the dominos is that the Indonesian dominoes are small cards that are usually discarded over a period of time due to natural wear and tear. It is also very important to know that domino qq is played with 28 double six dominoes. The first step is establishing the pot. Before playing all the players have to put a certain amount into the pot and this could be high or low bet. Once the betting is established then each player will be dealt 3 dominoes. The next step will be for each player to take a look at the dominos that they have been dealt. Once they have viewed their domino’s they have four options they can stay, call, fold, or raise.

In the first round if no one bets but one person then that person automatically wins the pot without showing their hand. If someone else does bet then everyone who did not fold will get a fourth card and after the fourth card is received this is when the final round of betting starts. It is also important to know that in the first round the betting can initially be low but in the second round of betting this is usually when the betting starts to increase. Once the fourth cards are dealt all the individuals who did not fold show their hands and the individual with the highest hand wins the pot. When the cards are dealt they are dealt in two pairs and then the pips are added together. Only the second number of the pip is used to establish a hand. An example if you have a pip that totals 25 then the hand will be counted as 5. The highest hand is a pair of 9s.

There are only a few ways that a player can beat a pair of nines and they are called high, low, and double hands. The high hand is when the pip total on the 4 dominoes that they have been dealt totals to 38 or higher. The low hand is when the pip total on the 4 dominoes that they have been dealt totals to 9 or lower. The double hand is just all 4 dominoes that have been dealt are all doubles.

Pre-flop Tips

Pre-flop Tips

Poker (or IDN poker) may seem like a typical card game to most, but it involves a lot of technique and strategy. One of the many strategies is called pre-flop. The pre-flop strategy has multiple facets to it. Today we break down the various ways to pre-flop successfully.

Your Position

Your position in a hand is the most crucial aspect of poker. Having a bad hand can make or break the game. In poker there are typically 3 positions: early, middle, and late position. The early position refers to the player acts before the other opponents in the betting rounds. The middle position is in between the early and the late players and can have a slight advantage over the early position. The third position is called the late position. This one is the most advantageous as they are typically one of the last players to bet over the other opponents, the number of hands you can play increases, knowledge of your opponents’ actions, and more time to calculate your pot odds.


Before flopping you will be able to call, fold, or raise. If there was a raise before your turn and you have a poor hand, then it’s recommended you fold but if you have a good starting hand then you can call instead. If you plan to raise you should make a sizeable amount of up to 4 times the amount of the big blind. A pre-flop raise ideally is meant to reduce the players so your decision making becomes easier.
Limping in is another strategy that comes with both pros and cons. Limping refers to betting the minimum to stay in a hand. If you are the first player to enter the pot, it’s considered a very bad idea because you won’t win the pot and is considered weak and helps your opponents make decisions easier. If other players happen to limp in before you then it’s acceptable to limp in as well but take note that you should have a relatively strong hand.

In order to pre-flop successfully you must make the right choices before the flop as it sets the tone for how you will play the rest of the hand. You must consider all the possible variables, the type of opponents you are facing, the position you are in, and the starting hand requirements.

Some mistakes that players make before the pre-flop are playing too passively in the small blind, raising too narrow or wide in the button, and not calling enough in the big blind. While it has improved pot odds, playing passively in the small blind forces you to play out of position meaning you don’t have an edge on the opponents. The small blind can also be exploited by the big blind as you won’t have a strong hand. Not raising enough hands can void you of winning the pot and raising too much can cause exploitation by the players in blinds. If you are in last position this gives you better pot odds and you can play more freely.

There are some additional youtube video that might be interesting to you for pre-flop strats:

How Regulations Can Affect the Gambling Industry

How Regulations Can Affect the Gambling Industry

The gambling industry is at the mercy of regulators. There are countries that allow gambling. On the other hand, these countries that have pro-gambling stances can also change. If you will look at the UK today, things are changing in their gambling industry especially when it comes to online gambling. In 2005, then Prime Minister Tony Blair decided to support the gambling industry. It did wonders for the industry. However, these days, you can see a lot of gambling-related advertisement on television especially during prime time.

Now, things are changing in the UK. Many believe that the gambling industry is about to shrink considering the fact that those who can only bet a small amount have been targeted by regulators. The thing with gambling is that it can be addicting. You can easily become a gambler and even do crimes in order to sustain your habit.

If you will look at the events in Texas today, there are those people who are living in food coupons selling their coupons in exchange for money. Money is then being used for gambling. This is now becoming an issue in the US. Now, is the UK going to step up its regulatory approach when it comes to the gambling industry? What are the other changes that we should expect?